Jorge Suarez

Combining sophistication and simplicity with raw, unmistakable edge is not something that many people know how to achieve. With the goal of capturing a truly candid moment and the spontaneous expression of his subject, coupled with a personal philosophy rooted in beauty, confidence and originality, Jorge Suarez, is not a photographer, but an artist. 

A Cuban-American, born in 1980, Jorge's interest in the arts was evident early on. Encouraged by his family and peers his creativity continued to flourish. After graduating from high school, Jorge acquired a Theater scholarship to attend Port St. Lucie Community College. Following his first year at Port St. Lucie, he decided to pursue a professional career in acting and modeling. 

Jorge's Modeling adventure began at the Wilhelmina agency in Miami, Fl. where he was featured in television commercials and print ads for names such as, Coca Cola, McDonald, Marshalls Inc, Nokia and several beer and car companies. Immersing himself further into the fashion scene, Jorge moved to New York City and was represented by Q models. Wrangler Jeans, OUT Magazine, Playboy Amsterdam and GQ magazine were just a few of the items that Jorge was able to add to his blossoming repertoire. 

Having developed a key interest in photography and production, Jorge pursued his Associate in Photography at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, graduating with honors and garnering the "Best Portfolio" Distinction in his graduating class. Since obtaining his degree, Jorge has had the opportunity to be working extensively to expand his growing portfolio. 

His expertise and passion for the field are evident in his body of work which include; Women's Fashion, Men's Fashion, Celebrity, Beauty and Portraits. Exceeding expectations, Jorge continues to push the boundaries through his priceless lens.